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As skincare experts, we embrace the most innovative techniques available in the market to bring our clients the most effective treatments.

Our treatments include mesotherapy, profhilo, microderm abrasion anti-antiwrinkle injections as well as medical grade chemical peels for acne scarring, pigmentation, and skin rejuvenation.

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Flawless Skin
expert dermatology advice for problem skin

As well as providing all the latest in Aesthetics beauty treatments, we treat on a broad range common skin conditions including pigmentation, acne, rosacea, aging skin, as well as for dull and tired skin and dehydration.


The Healthy Skin Clinic is delighted to be able to offer this innovative treatment to the Irish market. With no risk and practically pain free, mesotherapy offers a non-surgical alternative to reducing cellulite, tightening skin and rejuvenating the face, next and body. The results of this treatment are incredibly natural and while they are noticeable, they are not excessively visible, if you want to keep this secret to yourself.

How Does Mesotherapy Work?

A biologically active cocktail of revitalising vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid is injected into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin). It is then absorbed into the bloodstream which rejuvenates the skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin, in effect stimulating your skin’s metabolism. The results of this treatment are progressive and cumulative which is why we always recommend our clients to undergo a series of treatments.

Prices start at €100 for a single session or book 4 session for just €300.

Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty

The Profhilo treatment is a breakthrough technology in non-surgical facelift treatments. The Profhilo Skin Simulator delivers dramatic improvement in skin tissue quality treating laxity erasing fine lines and wrinkles, even in the most challenging areas


Prices start at €300.

chemical peels

Using only the world’s most reputable brands such as Obagi and McCostmetic, Chemical peels are a remarkable non-invasive skin treatment that can visibly improve the texture of the skin, as well as improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whether the underlying issue is acne or tired ageing skin, our medical-grade chemical peels have been carefully formulated to deliver visible results.


Price starts at €60 for a single treatment with the Modified Jessner treatment costing €80. You may also purchase a Derma Peel Bundle, where you get 4 treatments for the price of 3 ( €180).

Content Woman
anti-wrinkle injections

Our everyday expressions from our laughter, smiles and frowns all contribute to our wrinkles and lines. Over time our skin loses its flexibility and for many fine lines and wrinkles are a constant reminder that we are not getting any younger. Here is where Anti-wrinkle injections can help.
Anti-wrinkle injections are a safe and effective method of softening and eliminating these lines and wrinkles administered by our team of medical professionals.

The most common areas targeted during this treatment include wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyes and around the corner of the eyes. Our medical practitioners are renowned for achieving subtle but highly effective results with this treatment. To ensure optimal results, we invite our clients to return for a follow up consultation two weeks following the initial treatment for a reassessment and if deemed appropriate, we will administer additional anti-wrinkle injections at no additional charge. Our aim at The Healthy Skin Clinic is always to achieve optimal results and exceed your expectations.

Botox treatments are used to treat all areas of the face, to combat both fine lines and  deep wrinkles. 

Botox treatments have been used as Cosmetic Treatments since the late 1980's, revolutionising the cosmetic industry due to their remarkable results combined with very few risks and no recovery time. Botox injections have been used to treat millions of patients worldwide and is the world's most popular Non Surgical treatment.


Treatment of 1 area is  €125, 2 areas is €250. If you purchase 2 treatments upfront, you will receive 1 additional treatment for free.


Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It improves the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring and other skin-related concerns and conditions.

The price of microdermabrasion abrasion is €100 per treatment.

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dermal fillers

As we age, deeper lines, drier skin and wrinkles become increasingly defined. While it’s all a natural part of the aging process, it’s also natural to desire a more youthful appearance. This is where Dermal Fillers can help.
As our skin becomes more mature, it loses its ability to produce collagen and elastin. At the same time, there is a reduction in levels of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance. While good genetics and a comprehensive skincare regime help, there comes a point where a helping hand is needed. Dermal fillers are an incredibly effective and non-invasive way to achieve smoother, fresher, more youthful skin. Comprised of a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers add volume to the face by filling in lines and wrinkles – restoring skin and contours to their former glory.

The price of fillers is €200 for 0.5ml and €300 for 1ml.

ingrown toenail

An ingrowing toenail (IGTN) occurs when the tissue on either side of the toe grows over the side of the nail. Pressure from walking and tight footwear can cause this tissue to become inflamed and painful.


Sometimes this can evolve into an infection. Although not a life threatening condition, an IGTN is painful and can severely affect the quality of life for the sufferer and inhibit their daily activities of living.

Although prevention is better than cure, the treatment for an IGTN can be conservative or surgical in nature. Conservative treatment includes salt water bathing, cotton wool blebs and appropriate foot wear while the gold standard surgical option is the removal of a wedge of nail on the affected side and the prevention of the the nail from re-growing.

This procedure involves the injection of local anesthetic at the base of the toe and once numb, the aseptic removal of a wedge of nail. The germinal cells are then destroyed by a caustic agent. A dressing is applied and wound care advice is given. Sandals or open toed footwear should be worn on the day. Once home, elevation and avoidance of strenuous activity is advised and analgesia such as paracetamol or ibuprofen is recommended.  

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